Self evaluation


Personal  Statement for learning ( 2014-15):

This academic year helps me a lot. I was unfamiliar with the technology and the media in the past, this academic year provide me chances to learn some basic knowledge of usage and management of media and technology. This can arouse my interested to these categories. Also, I had different try on these aspects like producing a video, learning how to use the software, etc.

EPM  Student’s Self-evaluation  Form

CILOS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Remarks
Course title: (CAC3009 ) Art, Music, Media and Technology Fail Marginal Adequate Good Excellent

construct their knowledge of music, sound and visual design and its application to the production of various media and technologies.


demonstrate applications of both commercial and contemporary arts practice in different cultural and aesthetic contexts.


utilize specialized technical and theoretical knowledge and skills for music/sound design and visual media in an original digital film or video.


critically analyze the arts through formative self and peer assessment, and to be able to communicate artistic creations with teaching staff and students.

PILOS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Remarks
Fail Marginal Adequate Good Excellent
(1)  Understand and interpret the arts and cultures from diverse theoretical and practical perspectives;
(2)  Express and create through musical, visual arts and interdisciplinary arts practices;
(3) Make connections across the arts, related academic disciplines and cultural contexts in Hong Kong, Mainland China and other parts of the world;
(4)  Reflect on and make reasoned analysis of the needs and issues relevant to the cultural and creative industries; and
(5)  Work competently and professionally in supporting arts education and arts administration within cultural and creative industries.
GILOS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Remarks
Fail Marginal Adequate Good Excellent
(1) Problem Solving Skills
(2) Critical Thinking Skills
(3) Creative Thinking Skills
(4) Ethical Decision Making
(5) Oral and Written Communication Skills
(6) Social Interaction Skills
(7) Global perspectives

Please specify your self-directed learning works and achievements during the whole semester in details, including your study on assigned readings, post lecture group work, preparation for class discussions/ presentation, off course lecture practices, exercises and projects, participation in  special performances and exhibition, competitions, etc.

Date List out your self-directed learning activities and achievements. *(Attach/upload artifacts, images, videos, etc. as evidence here.)
Analyising the management of the music of a tv commercial

Cartier – Panthère de Cartier Collection

Additional Comments:

What would you like to add which might be helpful in interpreting or evaluating your self-directed learning/ activities in enhancing your course study learning outcomes?

How would you evaluate your overall learning achievement in this course?

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Remarks
Fail Marginal Adequate Good Excellent
My overall achievement of learning in this course in meeting my goals of learning.

(eg. attendance, active participation in activities, self-management in learning, quality of learning outputs,  etc)

Name of student:_____Li Yau Ching (11089570)________   Date:___29/12/2014 ____

Course Lecturer’s comments:

EPM Marks: ________________(10/100)

Course lecturer: ______________________________  Date: ____________________


Self-reflection report

As there is a chance to taking a video, we would like to use it to convey some message and use our ability to express our feeling towards our society, and this is the power of art. Umbrella revolution is an issue that related to us, being a Hongkoner, a students, we have very deep feeling on it. Therefore, we decided using this issue as our theme of the video. However, we did not want to present it in a heavy way because which is heavy enough for everyone. Using recorder through the whole video because which is an instrument that every Hong Kong students own in their primary school, it can be a representative of students.

Due to the idea that is related to us, we all put into the project and try to finish it with passion. Therefore we try our best to do well in our post, give out ideas that can improve the production and helping each other in anytime. After we spent time together, we did not hesitate to express our feeling, these help us have better communications. During our shooting, everyone can give comments on the video to improve it, not only the person in charge can manage all the things. And we are initiative to help moving the objects that are bulky or even we were tired. These kept our progress as our planning and carry on with an enjoyable atmosphere.

Actually, convey a message with evidence about an issue which last for a period is difficult to express in a short video. Furthermore, we hope to present it with a story. It can be developed better if we did more in the plot. But I believe that this is a good start and good try for us. Producing a video is not familiar for all of us. Some are experienced, some are just beginners. The experienced group mates were responsible on their strengths, the beginners help and learn from them. Although the beginners cannot responsible to a technical session, we learn a lot from the experienced group mates.

Our video was built by the story, the music video and the video clips of the umbrella revolution. There are many elements that need to include and we just had a short period of time. It would be better if we can improve our video on the distribution of the elements and have a better development on it. Then, our video can let the audience reflects more. As I had mentioned, there are beginners and experienced group mates in our group. If the beginners were more familiar with those technical things, we can have more exchange of ideas on them.

This course provides me a chance to learn about media and technology, and this is a strange thing for me before the study. I am glad that there were experienced group mates cooperating with me, and they did not hesitate to teach me and exchanging ideas with me. I learnt so much from them and I am really happy to participating in a video making project.


In-class workshop 2A

In-class workshop 2A

Stage 1. Generating ideas
References: http://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Concept-Map


A. What are the themes you are interested in?
(1. Input a few key words) Music

Music Instrument



song/ piece of music

performing venue

Umbrella Revolution

(2. Expand your key words with using hierarchy) mm
(3. How would you generate ideas from the above key words? Can you divergently associate the above key words to formulate a concept? What are the central concept of your work? ) (No less than 100 words)

We have mainly two keywords, they are music and Umbrella Revolution. In order to combine the two keywords, we thought of the recent hot issue which is Kenny G took photo at the Admiralty protestant area, he then denied the idea of supporting occupy central movement earlier so as to convince the Chinese Government and ensure earning income in China.

So we may rewrite the songs sang in the Umbrella Revolution, Kenny G. will be the main actor in the work, he may play other musical instruments. The song may change into different styles and tempo to make the work ironic. The preforming venue might be along the road in Admiralty. Other than Admiralty, we thought of some performing venue in China, for instance the Nest-type Beijing Olympic Stadium (Beijing National Stadium).

B. What is the genre of your work? (Do I want to make a comedy? A documentary? A love story? An abstract video art? Describe how this genre choice would potentially help you to meet your goals?)
(No less than 100 words)

Goals: To arouse people’s attention towards the changing attitude of any people throughout the movement. Most importantly to keep their faith in Umbrella Revolution.

We choose to make a comedy. Comedy genre help us to meet our goals in two ways. To begin with, we hope to ease the tensions for protestants and let them to know about this Kenny G. news at the same time. So our work will express the message in ironic way. We also hope citizens to reflect their attitude throughout the movement, which side to stand for our conscience and our next generation.

We also decided to make a music video to express this comedy work. Music is easy to remember, and helps to unite people. Songs can be repeatedly sang for people to alert people.


Stage 2. Writing a synopsis
References: http://www.wikihow.com/Write-a-Screenplay-Synopsis


Write a synopsis (with no more than no less than 1 page A4 size paper, 12 font-size, Times New Roman) by borrowing the key points generated  from Stage 1. Outline of the story:

The main actor Kenny C., he felt furious after hearing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China (中國外交部)’s speech. So he then took out the shield which is red and yellow from his cabinet. He blew the recorder and perform the piece of work entitled “Utopian Socialism” (社會主義號). He hope to regain his reputation in China, and hope to please the Chinese Government for having a chance to perform in the Nest-type Beijing Olympic Stadium.


Kenny G. = Kenny C.

Shield = Captain American’s shield, a protestant was arrested because of wearing the Captain American’s costume

Yellow = Supporting Central Occupation

Red = Radical citizens

Recorder instrument = replace Kenny G.’s saxophone

Nest-type Beijing Olympic Stadium = China

Stage 3. Scriptwriting and Storyboarding
“Your storyboard will should convey some of the following information:

•       What characters are in the frame, and how are they moving?

•       What are the characters saying to each other, if anything?

•       How much time has passed between the last frame of the storyboard and the current one?

•       Where the “camera” is in the scene? Close or far away? Is the camera moving?

Why make a storyboard?

Creating a storyboard will help you plan your animation out shot by shot. You can make changes to your storyboard before you start animating, instead of changing your mind later. You will also be able to talk about your animation and show your storyboard to other people to get feedback on your ideas.”

References: http://accad.osu.edu/womenandtech/Storyboard%20Resource/


What are the main events of the story in the order they will be told?

Do you need to write dialogue for your work?

(Please work on this section together with In-class exercise 2B. Based on your synopsis, write a more detailed script and come up with a storyboard for your work. No less than 1 page A4 size paper, 12 font-size, Times New Roman)

1.     “Outline your story. Begin with a basic flow of your narrative. Focus on the conflict of the story; conflict drives drama.

2.     Write your story in three acts. The pillars of a screenplay are the Three Acts. Each act can operate independently, and when taken together provide the full arc of a story.

3.     Add sequences. Sequences are parts of the story that operate somewhat independently from the main conflict. They have a beginning, middle, and end.

4.     Start writing scenes. Scenes are the events of your movie. They take place in specific locations and always serve to drive story forward. If a scene does not do this, then it should be cut from the script. Scenes that serve no purpose will stick out in the audience’s mind as flaws, and will drag the story down.

5.     Begin writing dialogue. Once you have scenes, you will have characters interacting. Dialogue can be one of the hardest things to write. Each character needs to have its own distinct, believable voice.”

 We don’t have any dialogue in this video, but we created Kenny C was singing the popular sing “話你戇鳩怕你嬲”, we recreated it into a music video, we rearranged the musical instrument to match with the lyrics and scenes. We added more elements to make the video funnier. For instance, we recorded the recorder with off keys. Exaggerate and pretend as Kenny G (his curly hair with suit). We made a clean version for publication, we muted the foul language. We used recorder rather than saxophone. More dissolve and overlapping image to make the video even more nostalgic ( the old style to create music video).



Stage 3a Documentary planning and research process (ONLY apply to groups which are working on a documentary)
What are the aims of your research? What do you want to know/tell your audience by making this documentary? /
What are the locations you want to document? /
Who are the informants? /
How would you get permission to interview/document the informant’s life? /
What are the questions you will ask if your work  involves interview? /
Stage 4 Casting
Who are the main characters in your work? Kenny C, Andy Lau Tak-wah
Who are the actors/actresses? (Provide the names of the actor/actress) Kenny C (played by Charleston Lau), Andy Lau Tak-wah (played by Cheung Yan Man)
Stage 5. Detailed schedule
Plan ahead your shooting and editing schedule. If your work involves multiple locations, break down your schedule into details.
Date Key actions with deadlines
17th November, 2014 Take all shots in Admiralty, Star Ferry, Tsim Sha Tsui, groundsel in Taipo
25th November, 2014 Take shots in hostel and in HKIEd
28th November, 2014 Edit the video
30th November, 2014 Combine the video parts
3rd December, 2014 Record the vocal
5th December, 2014 Record instruments (guitar, piano) for the video
6th December, 2014 Add special effects in the video
12th December, 2014 Combine vocal and instruments together
15th December, 2014 Edition for subtitles, view credits
16th December, 014 Final combination
Stage 6. Duties
What are the duties of each of your members? Who is the director? Who is the video editor? Who is the sound recorder?)
Name Key duties
Presented by TEAM 1984
CHARLESTON LAU Written and directed
RAYMOND CHEUNG Assistant Director
RAYMOND CHEUNG Director of Photography
CHARLESTON LAU Post-production
MIFFY YAN Production Designer


Script Supervisor
LEO WU Gaffer
CHARLESTON LAU (Original) Music by

《The First Revolution》

JFung Remix 《榴槤乜乜乜》
David Cheang 《話你戇鳩怕你嬲》
LEO WU Music Supervisor
MIFFY YAN Prop Master
Stage 7. Revision
After your individual meeting with your course instructor, how are you going to fine-tune the planning of your work? Are you going to change your theme? Are you going to add supplementary shots?
Item to be revised Details with deadlines
More details for the video We remain our theme to be cheesy but with political sense inside the video. There are some supplementary shots for the main character, for example in the beginning of the video, it showed how the character disguised (or get changed) as Kenny G (Kenny C).
Improve the sound in the middle part To show the climax of the music, we added the electric guitar solo from Charleston Lau to present it.
Stage 8.
Describe what you have done for the rough cut and point out what you need to do next. Are you satisfied? What can you improve your work?
(Describe your rough cut)

The rough cut was about Kenny C playing the recorder in Admiralty, Star ferry, Tsim Sha Tsui and groundsel in Taipo. We needed more clues before we started off the song “朋友話你傻豬怕你嬲”.

(Next actions and ways to improve)

So we could add some shootings for the appearance for Kenny C. We could make the close-up shots for Kenny C’s costume as the beginning of the video.

We could also add some wide-shot scene for the video, to increase its convulsion. And to give a better picture for the viewers of the situation in Protestant area.

Stage 9. Revision
After your individual meeting with your course instructor, how are you going to fine-tune the planning of your work? Are you going to change your theme? Are you going to add supplementary shots?
Item to be revised Details with deadlines
Same as stage 7 Same as stage 7
Stage 10. Evaluation
Describe your final work and evaluate your work with no less than 100 words. Did I achieve what I have planned? What would I do if I could re-do this work again?
We paid great effort in the final work, we hoped to satire the people who were still believing the government and at the same time, we used a lighthearted and funny way to satire rather than a very anxiety and serious documentary. We hoped people could get a little relaxation during the continuation of Umbrella Revolution. So we decided to pay effort in costume and settings as well.

We bought a wig and curl it with curler. We bought the recorder (instrument) as well. We hoped to characterize Kenny G lifelike, to keep the production professional.

We learnt how to edit the video, adding music soundtracks, adding subtitles, and to combine them into one video. We added special effects into the video, such as the raindrops, snowy scene and the fire. These made the video more cheesy, it was a way to create the music video in the old days, and we wanted to create this more reminiscence. We could improve the work by using more dissolve and overlapping image to make the video even more nostalgic. Adding some night scenes in Admiralty or in Mongkok would be also a good choice, because dark also gives people sense of blues and searching for hope at the same time, it might be more influent.


In-class workshop 1B

In-class workshop 1B

Students are required to work in groups and come up with film title and explanation of films to demonstrate your understanding of film genres.

Genre Film title (Name at least 1 title) Brief explanation
Action The Expendables Consists of fighting scene with bare hands, guns, etc.

and chasing scene with vehicles, etc.

Adventure Series of the Indiana Jones/

Alice in the wonderland

The stories line is based on the adventure story of the main character,

For hunting treasure or to take adventure in new place.

Comedy Monster Inc./

Midnight at the museum.

These films make people relaxed and laugh through out the movies and have remarkable characters which are funny.
Crime and Gangster The dark knight rises These films always have characters of villains and heroes.
Drama Gone girl/

The wolf of wall street

These films have a detailed storyline
Historical 12 years a slave Storyline based on real life story.
Horror Insidious Horror and scary scene have ghosts and horror music, etc.
Musical and Dance Mamma Mia/


Have dance and songs through out the movie
Science Fiction Inception/

The avengers

These movies consist on imaginary character, unreal scene and actions, etc.
Documentary Searching for sugar man Shooting in the real life with real story.

In-class exercise 1

In-class exercise 1 (Individual or Group Project)


If you choose to do an individual project, please fill in table A. If you choose to do a group project, please fill in table B.

Table A (Individual project)

Student Name and Number
Li Yau Ching (11089570)
Video link on Youtube, Instagram, or Vimeo
Sequence What did you shoot? Why do you want to put this shot here?
Shot 1 – I throwing a subject on the mirror – show the subject and the character
Shot 2 – the opponent got the subject – another character appeared
Shot 3 – the opponent grabbed it and ran – the action represent the character’s stands
Shot 4 – I chased behind the opponent – the action represent the character’s stands
Shot 5 – the opponent swallowed it – show the opponent have no path to go
Shot 6 – the opponent’s partner vomit the subject out – there are special power of the opponents
Shot 7 – the subject fell down – the subject appeared again and the fight started again
Shot 8 – I get it – there are changing of places
Shot 9 – I kicked it to other place – continue transporting the subject
Shot 10 – the subject was blocked by the opponent’s partner – to blocked the transportation
Shot 11 – the opponents get the subject – the war ended by the opponents get the subject
Conclusion: How would you evaluate your story telling skills by using the sequence in the above? (Simple description)
There are too much shots but the cohesion of the story is not enough. For the future, I will use the shots to create coherence of the development of the story, will not manage it like different fragments.

Learning objectives and responsibilities

This course is a challenge for me because I am unfamiliar with the media and technology. But I am glad to have a chance to learn these useful and technical items. And the basic knowledge of producing film and sound is useful for me to develop in the future, and which is very useful for my career because technology is really important for working in media nowadays. Although I am not experienced with the technology, I believe that if I learn it with great effort, I can do it well. Therefore, I will concentrate on it and tackle the problem that I am not good at technology.