In-class workshop 1B

In-class workshop 1B

Students are required to work in groups and come up with film title and explanation of films to demonstrate your understanding of film genres.

Genre Film title (Name at least 1 title) Brief explanation
Action The Expendables Consists of fighting scene with bare hands, guns, etc.

and chasing scene with vehicles, etc.

Adventure Series of the Indiana Jones/

Alice in the wonderland

The stories line is based on the adventure story of the main character,

For hunting treasure or to take adventure in new place.

Comedy Monster Inc./

Midnight at the museum.

These films make people relaxed and laugh through out the movies and have remarkable characters which are funny.
Crime and Gangster The dark knight rises These films always have characters of villains and heroes.
Drama Gone girl/

The wolf of wall street

These films have a detailed storyline
Historical 12 years a slave Storyline based on real life story.
Horror Insidious Horror and scary scene have ghosts and horror music, etc.
Musical and Dance Mamma Mia/


Have dance and songs through out the movie
Science Fiction Inception/

The avengers

These movies consist on imaginary character, unreal scene and actions, etc.
Documentary Searching for sugar man Shooting in the real life with real story.

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