Self-reflection report

As there is a chance to taking a video, we would like to use it to convey some message and use our ability to express our feeling towards our society, and this is the power of art. Umbrella revolution is an issue that related to us, being a Hongkoner, a students, we have very deep feeling on it. Therefore, we decided using this issue as our theme of the video. However, we did not want to present it in a heavy way because which is heavy enough for everyone. Using recorder through the whole video because which is an instrument that every Hong Kong students own in their primary school, it can be a representative of students.

Due to the idea that is related to us, we all put into the project and try to finish it with passion. Therefore we try our best to do well in our post, give out ideas that can improve the production and helping each other in anytime. After we spent time together, we did not hesitate to express our feeling, these help us have better communications. During our shooting, everyone can give comments on the video to improve it, not only the person in charge can manage all the things. And we are initiative to help moving the objects that are bulky or even we were tired. These kept our progress as our planning and carry on with an enjoyable atmosphere.

Actually, convey a message with evidence about an issue which last for a period is difficult to express in a short video. Furthermore, we hope to present it with a story. It can be developed better if we did more in the plot. But I believe that this is a good start and good try for us. Producing a video is not familiar for all of us. Some are experienced, some are just beginners. The experienced group mates were responsible on their strengths, the beginners help and learn from them. Although the beginners cannot responsible to a technical session, we learn a lot from the experienced group mates.

Our video was built by the story, the music video and the video clips of the umbrella revolution. There are many elements that need to include and we just had a short period of time. It would be better if we can improve our video on the distribution of the elements and have a better development on it. Then, our video can let the audience reflects more. As I had mentioned, there are beginners and experienced group mates in our group. If the beginners were more familiar with those technical things, we can have more exchange of ideas on them.

This course provides me a chance to learn about media and technology, and this is a strange thing for me before the study. I am glad that there were experienced group mates cooperating with me, and they did not hesitate to teach me and exchanging ideas with me. I learnt so much from them and I am really happy to participating in a video making project.

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